During the Spring of 2020 amid a medical and economical crisis where businesses were closing doors for good, Howard Solutions and Holdings, LLC decided it was time to begin the process of “Building the future and healing homes.”  Howard Solutions and Holdings has leveraged the combined experience, knowledge, and principles of four generations to establish a company that provides service you can count on.

Mission – Howard Solutions and Holdings uses its Guiding Principles of Hardwork, Innovation, Integrity, Excellence to provide every customer with individualize services that will leave them completely satisfied.

The Howard Solutions and Holdings, LLC Guiding Principles

The Principles that have made Howard Solutions and Holdings, LLC successful are good old-fashioned hardwork, attached to the innovation of the 21st Century, by the adhesive of Integrity, and delivered you every customer with excellence!

Hardwork –  Hardwork is truly an old-fashioned ideal that is being forgot like many other important old-fashion norms.  However Howard Solutions and Holdings believes that hardwork is one of the most important factors that separate success from failure.  Strategically targeted hardwork will get the job done and done right.  After reaching the peek of hardwork to continue to improve you must work smarter.  Howard Solutions and Holdings, LLC knows this.  That’s why Innovation is so important.

Innovation– Innovation is used by Howard Solutions and Holdings to provide new looks, comforts, functionalities, and a wider range of possibilities to our customers.  This principle allows us to meet the unique ideas, needs, and desires of our customers.  With that said; Howard Solutions and Holding, LLC is aware that with using Innovation some of the quality can be lost.  We will not sacrifice we standard of quality for Innovation.  We will only improve our standard of quality using it.  Our standard of quality is Excellence.

Excellence- The standard of quality with Howard Solutions and Holdings, LLC is no less that Excellence.  Excellence in customer service, excellence in pricing, excellence in planning your project and excellence in the final product.  We measure excellence by our customer satisfaction with a job well done.  Maintenance of our level of Excellence most be grounded in our Integrity. 

Integrity- “Integrity is accepting the truth and acting appropriately to the truth even when it is painful to yourself.” (Regrick Howard) Howard Solutions and Holdings has a leader that understands how to treat people with honesty and respect.  His approach to every project consists of finding the best prices and the best products possible to produce the best product at the best price possible.  Integrity is best observed when it demands hardwork.